Excerpt - Power Play: Jodie and the Billionaire

Selena Kitt

“I need to get you somewhere private,” he murmured into her hair, nuzzling her neck, hands roaming over the curves barely concealed by her dress. Well, Lauren’s dress. She had a feeling that fifteen hundred dollar piece of material was going to be on the floor of Dorian Cole’s hotel room before she knew it. And Jodie was so titillated by that prospect she was shaking.
“Cold?” He pulled her closer still, kissing her neck, her collarbone, breathing in her scent.
Jodie heard his car before she saw it, but his mouth had found hers and she was lost again.
Dorian broke the kiss, grabbing the keys from the valet. “Get in.”
Jodie gaped as the valet held the door open to Batman’s car. She got into the matte black Bugatti, a little two-seater, beside Dorian and the valet closed the door behind her. The interior was black too, reinforcing the feeling that she was riding with Batman—and when she looked over at his profile as he popped the clutch and shifted into gear, she actually wondered for a moment who he was and what, exactly, she was doing.
Then her phone vibrated in her purse.
“Put your seatbelt on,” he said, glancing over to see her pulling her phone out of her clutch.
Jodie did as he asked, gasping as the car came to life, hugging the curved entryway of Caesar’s Palace as he zipped around the stopped traffic.
“Is that him?” Dorian took the corner, shifting into the straightaway like he was planning to fly.
“Yeah.” Jodie saw text message after text message from Jason, and four voice messages, all of which she must have missed while they were playing craps.
WTF Jodie? Who the hell is that?
He must have received the picture she sent of her and Dorian. She didn’t even want to check her messages. But she did click over to Facebook and when she tried to log in, he’d changed the password. Of course he had—he had plenty to hide. Probably more half-nude pictures of Nicole.
“Stop.” Dorian’s hand massaged her shoulder, her bare neck, under her hair. “Look at me.”
Jodie dropped her phone into her clutch, zipping it back up and looked over at him, trying not to cry. It was stupid, crying over Jason, considering everything she knew—all the pictures, all the texts, all the Facebook messages and, of course, the flight he’d taken to Missouri for the “funeral of an old friend” that had actually been Jason’s weekend fuckfest with Nicole.
“I’m going to make you forget he ever existed.” His eyes darkened as he looked at her, gaze dropping from her cleavage to her hemline. “He made the biggest mistake of his life when he cheated on a woman like you.”
The way he looked at her, talked to her, made her feel desired and wanted in a way she hadn’t felt in—my God, years! And she realized it was something she was craving, and maybe Dorian Cole was taking advantage of that, but she really didn’t care. She wanted to get lost in him again. She needed it more than she could possibly say, and he seemed to know it.
“You already have.” Jodie crossed one leg over the other—her feet were throbbing in Kimber’s too-small shoes—and saw his gaze skip down to the hemline of her dress, riding high up on her thigh.
“I haven’t even started.” Dorian shifted the car into higher gear as they turned the corner again onto another straight away, this one with hardly any traffic. They were moving very fast—Jodie didn’t even want to see the speedometer.
His hand moved from the gearshift to her knee. Jodie shifted in the little seat—there wasn’t a lot of room—turning her body toward him. She saw him smile, a slow, sexy smile that spread as he slid his hand up her bare thigh, pushing the dress almost all the way up. 

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