Excerpt - Sibling Lust: On the Bus

Selena Kitt

“Emy...” It was a whisper, his pet name for her, leftover from when he couldn’t quite say his L’s.

In her sleep, she shifted, the Birkenstocks she had worn in honor of their California trip left somewhere on the floor, her long skirt riding up her thighs as she snuggled closer to him in the dark.

“Oh, god, Emy...” His breath in her ear made her shiver, and she came out of her dream in a haze, finding herself curled around her brother, her breasts pressed against his side, her thighs over his.

“Danny?” she whispered, realizing she was practically sitting in his lap. His hand was resting on her knee, his other arm holding her close. He didn’t answer her, and she gazed at his sleeping face, knowing he must be dreaming.

She kissed his cheek, smiling, wondering what he was dreaming about. His expression was almost pained in the dim light, and he whispered her name again, shifting and pressing his hips up in his sleep. That’s when she knew. He couldn’t hide anything in the sweats he had worn for the long trip. When she felt his erection against her bare thigh, she gasped softly, her eyes widening.

Emily flushed, moving slowly, trying to disentangle herself from him in the dark. He instinctively held onto her tighter, his hand sliding further up her leg, gripping her thigh. Her heart raced, and she didn’t want to admit it, but there was a slow heat growing between her legs where the edge of his hand was resting. His face was buried in her hair now, his breath hot against her ear, making that thick pulse between her thighs even more insistent.

“You’re so beautiful, Emy,” he whispered, his lips moving over her cheek, and now the hand between her legs moved too, fingers moving lightly over the damp crotch of her panties.

“Danny,” she whispered again, and for the second time today, words that should have been an admonishment came out as something else. It sounded like a plea. Oh my god, what is he doing?

She shifted, trying to get away or get closer, she wasn’t sure which, and he pulled her fully into his lap, settling her bottom against the saddle of his hips. She could feel his erection—my god, he felt huge, like steel heat against her behind. He cradled her like that, kissing her neck as his fingers edged aside the elastic edge of her panties.

“We... Danny, we...” Her whispered words were lost as his lips found hers. This was no brotherly kiss. His mouth was hot, slanting across hers, his tongue probing gently, like his fingers between her legs.

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