Excerpt - Stepbrother Studs: Dustin

Selena Kitt

My fingers slipped between my pussy lips, teasing my clit, imagining how sweet Jake’s tongue was right there—when I could get him to stay there long enough to make me come, anyway. I mimicked his usual motion with my finger, back and forth, up and down. I tugged and pulled at my nipples with my other hand, my breath coming faster, my hips thrusting up, the sheet falling away. Soon I was so lost in the sensation I forgot everything else.

“Hey Sissy?” Sam knocked, but he opened the door right after, poking his head in. I gasped, grabbing for the sheet, pulling it up to my neck, praying he hadn’t seen anything, telling myself that surely, surely it was too dark for his eyes to have adjusted so quickly!

“What?” I snapped, feeling my face flush with heat, glad for the darkness.

“Um…” He hesitated in the doorway while I inwardly squirmed.

He didn’t see anything!

Maybe he did.

He didn’t!

What if he did?!

Sam cleared his throat. “I just wanted to know if you wanted to go with me tomorrow.”

I bit my lip, my fingers sticky wet against my belly. “Go where?”

“I wanted to take the tent out to the ridge tomorrow,” he explained. “The salmon are running early.”

“Okay,” I squeaked, mostly just to get him to shut the door.

“Goodnight, Sissy.” His voice was warm. What had he seen? Oh god.

“’Night, Sam.”

I let out a breath, hearing his footfalls down the hallway, his door closing behind him.

I probably should have been completely turned off, considering what had just happened, but the opposite was strangely true. I was even more excited, my body humming and tingling, my little clit thrumming, and I strummed it like a guitar with too-tight strings ready to snap.

“Oh yes,” I whispered, my legs parting, the sound of my rubbing in my wetness filling the room. I was going to come—so hard, so very hard! My eyes closed in the darkness and the image that filled my inner vision was my brother, Sam, standing there without his shirt on, grinning at me. Oh god, no. No, no, no. I tried to change the channel in my brain, to think of anything, anyone else, but it was no use.

“Sam,” I moaned, I couldn’t help it, shaking my head against the mattress, the fullness between my legs too much to bear. “Ohhhh!”

The world exploded, my limbs trembling with the force of my orgasm, my mouth open in a silent scream. I gasped and quivered on the bed, rolling myself up in the coolness of the sheet, looking for some comfort now, still ashamed of where my mind had gone, unbidden. There was nothing there but my pillow, so I hugged it fiercely, closing my eyes and searching hard for sleep.

I finally found it, the sound of the waves against the shore rocking me there like a lullaby.

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