Scandalous Reads – About Us

The staff at are an eclectic mix of authors, readers, and tech savvy people. The bottom line is we love to connect readers with authors. We know being an author is a lot of work. You’ve poured your heart and soul into your story so let us help expand your reader audience.

We also understand that readers want value for their hard-earned money and that’s why we offer Daily Delights (showcasing books on sale and books priced for $1 or less and even FREE books). But authors need to make a living and we, more than most, understand that so we’re highlighting stories with varying price points for our Naked Author, Peep Show, Weekly Fetish and our very own Scandal Sheets blog. We also offer Contests – authors love giving away things to their readers, after all – and we have an extensive Library of books for you to peruse at your leisure!

Our goal is to introduce you to the authors you love and allow you the chance to discover new authors who will Indulge your senses.

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