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Excerpt Chapter One

It only took a couple seconds to heat up the bottle I grabbed out of the refrigerator. The floor creaked when I stepped into the room and I couldn’t help the evil chuckle that escaped. I was going to have so much fun with him!

“What do you have?”

“Something sweet.” I crawled onto the bed next to him and tipped the container over his chest, squeezing a drop.

He winced when the heated liquid hit his skin and the sweet smell overpowered the room. “That’s hot.”

“Sorry.” I ran my index finger over the opening on the bottle, covering it with the warm dark liquid. “Open.” I stuck my coated finger in his mouth.

He sucked the sweet liquid off and smiled. “Chocolate.”

“Yep.” I licked the drop off his chest. “Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup, warmed in the microwave.” I drizzled a thin line of chocolate from his chest to his belly button and set the bottle aside. “I love chocolate.” The mixture of sweet chocolate with the salty tang of his flesh flowed over my taste buds and created a heat between my legs that was hard to contain. I wanted to taste him, I wanted to feel him, hell I wanted him every way possible. Pressing my chocolate smeared lips to his, I allowed him a taste. “Almost as much as you.”

“Mmm.” He replied, licking his lips.

I reached for the chocolate, drizzling it on his chest.

He groaned when I sucked the sweet liquid off his skin.

I toyed with him, flicking my tongue over his nipples, licking the chocolate off, playing with the hard flesh between my teeth.

“Ow.” He pulled away, sucking the air through his teeth. I must have bit harder than I meant to.

“Sorry, but I lied about biting.” I kissed the spot I just bit before returning to his lips. Again, the same slow, soft kiss, but this time I allowed it to build, increase with passion, until a rumble of satisfaction rolled up his throat. It was enough to make me wet. I pulled away, tracing the smooth angle of his neck to his collar bone with my lips. The satin fabric of my slip grazed his skin as I worked my way down, my hair fanned out trailing, tickling and my kisses covering every glorious inch of him.

“Ah God.” His voice raspy, his breath shallow and fast, and he inhaled sharply with every change in nuance, motion and sensation I created. He had the bar the cuffs were clasped to gripped tightly in his hands, the muscles of his arms rippling, dancing under the skin in anticipation.

I was driving him crazy and I paused to smile, grazing him with my eyes as I reached for the syrup. Ah the belly button, an innie, so much more fun to drizzle with chocolate. I poured, letting it overflow so thin streams ran from the bounty. I licked each wayward path back to the source, sucking the last traces from his belly button, slowly rolling my tongue to get it all.

He tilted his head back and whispered, “Heidi.”

I moved lower, taking his hard member in my mouth, licking the tip. Warm chocolate rained over his hard cock, streams running down his ample length. I licked slowly. “Yummy.” I heard the deeper tone of my voice, this slow seduction driving me as mad as it was driving him.

I moved lower and his smile of ecstasy faded. I grazed his hips with my lips and then ran my bare teeth in miniscule bites up the inside of his thigh. I could see him straining against the hand cuffs.


He let out a small laugh at my request. “Yeah, right.”

I offered him a laugh of my own.

“Suck me.”

I kissed his thigh. “Beg.” My hair fanned out over his hard shaft as I moved my way down the inside of his leg with my mouth. I wanted to taste every damn inch. When I reached one ankle, I started my way up the other leg. Not really listening to his plea between the grumble in his chest.

“Please, I want your mouth. I want to come in your mouth.” His voice no more than a hoarse whisper, blocked by the well of passion building.

“Not yet.” I licked the tip of his hard cock and then moved up his body again.

He tilted his head back. “Please. You’re driving me insane.”

I kissed him, putting my full weight on his body and running my hands up his arms, feeling them quiver under my touch. “Tell me.” I said against his lips. He opened his mouth, welcoming my tongue, slow at first and then increasing speed until I pulled away, out of breath. God, he certainly knew how to kiss. I pushed the blind fold up for a moment.

His deep blue eyes looked back. “Tell you what?”

“Tell me what I want to hear and I’ll give you what you want.”

His smile faltered. “What do you want to hear?” He stalled.

I put the blindfold back in place and grazed his lips with mine, continuing the mad exploration of his body with my lips and chocolate, giving him physical previews of what he wanted, but not the full commitment.

“Untie me,” he said as I worked my way back to his lips again. A light sheen of sweat covered him, salty and sweet mixed with the chocolate, wetting my appetite further. I knew he was getting impatient—I knew exactly what he wanted. Me, I just wanted three little words that I already knew were in his heart.

“No.” I whispered. I began to lick small patches of skin on his chest and blow, watching as he alternated between goose bumps and flush as I worked my way down his chest.

“God, you’re driving me crazy!”

I chuckled. “I don’t ever want you to forget this.”

His baritone laugh, rich and shaky filled the room. “Like that’s ever going to happen.”

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