Terms of Service

We reserve the right not to feature a title for any reason. ScandalousReads.com cannot guarantee FREE or promotional book listings on Amazon.com and Amazon.com reserves the right to change pricing at any time.

We will not showcase books that contain the following:

  • NO pedophilia (and no children involved in sexual situations).
  • NO incest (that includes first cousins and step-parents).
  • NO rape as titillation.
  • NO bodily functions as sexual activity (for example, scat).
  • NO necrophilia.
  • NO weapons like guns, knives or other material placed in various parts of the female anatomy.
  • NO bestiality. This rule refers to animals indigenous to Earth. Does not apply to shapeshifting protagonists (as long as all sexual participants are in the same “form”—no human/animal-form sex).

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